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China have a very large post network with China Post Air Mail the most common one used for shipping smaller deliveries around the world. It is the cheapest alternative to send orders with and therefore it is the one that is most used. Orders if nothing else is specified usually get shipped with the China Post Air Mail and can have a delivery time between 25 to 30 days . However letter sized mail usually is much faster and can often be delivered withing 7 days. This makes the China Post Air Mail alternative very competitive for small orders and shipments.

However if using the more expensive but faster option Express Mail Service or EMS for short, that is the China Courier Service Corporation that goes by the name China Postal Express & Logistics, the delivery time can be as little as 7 to 9 days. The downside however is the added cost of using China Postal Express & Logistics delivery EMS.

Both of the above shipping options have tracking possibilities and most of the time the order should be processed within a few hours after a  purchase, however due to the massive quantity of China Post Air Mail deliveries it can take up to 4 days for the tracking number and the tracking is made possible and show up in the international china tracking systems. Sometimes this makes packages hard to find.

As of 2013 and now 2014 I have personally seen a longer delivery time on both small letter sized and bigger book sized packets being sent from China. Now it seems like even a small letter can take as much as 20 days to be delivered. 


However a recent purchase from China with "free shipping" sent March 16, 2014 arrived on April 1st 2014. And this was a pretty big package with some cables and electronics. So the delivery time in this case with free shipping was around 15 or 16 days, and that's pretty good for China Post. 


I was not supplied with a tracking number in this case, so I had no idea where my shipment was. But considering it was a free shipping option and a low value I was not too bothered with that.


The delivery time for bigger shipments from China have not been changed much but we are now looking at 30 days delivery time.


Of course this will vary depending on where you live, but in general I see a longer delivery time as of now. If this has to do with the economic situation or price for fuel around the world is uncertain, it could even be local customs and delivery services that are seeing an larger demand and can't keep up.

You can easily track China Post Air Mail however there are a lot of middlemen providing tracking services for your orders from China, and there have been reports of people not getting their tracking information to work on some independent sites. Because of this orders are then assumed to have gone missing. This is also a combination of the long delivery time, problems with tracking numbers and contact with sellers. To add to the problems and difficulty there are language barriers to take into account also. But before worrying and getting upset please be sure the correct tracking number is used and that the tracking service used is the correct one. Most of the time it can take as long as 4-5 days after the tracking number has been given to the time it is showing up in the tracking systems.

Because the China Post Air Mail tracking number use a different format than the rest it will not work elsewhere. The typical tracking number from China Post Air Mail would consist of 9 digits with 13 characters in total and begin with either RA or RF (sometimes RB have been used). The R prefix letter in this case means registered mail. The tracking number always end with CN. Like this example shown here RA411633225CN.

Knowing this the the China Post Air Mail tracking numbers can have the following appearance.


Be sure not to have any spaces between the letters or the numbers when entering your tracking number into the search box and be sure that the provided tracking number you have been given is the correct one and that it is used with the correct tracking service.

China's Express Mail Service use a different tracking number to track your orders but to add to the confusion also have the same length. On the official Chinese EMS homepage www.ems.com.cn we can read about their tracking numbers. For you that don't read Chinese.

"The EMS shipment ID consists of 13 numbers. Two alphabetic letters as used as prefix, 9 digits and two alphabetic letters as suffix. The first letter of prefix “E” represents express mail, the second letter is sequence number (EA, Eb, ED,etc.)." The last letters would be CN indicating China as the origin.

The examples of an EMS tracking number from China would be as follows


If it so happens that the tracking number is not recognized there is still a chance you have been given a wrong tracking number or it simply have not been processed into the tracking system (can take as long as 4-5 days). Because EMS is an international worldwide Logistics Company the tracking information would be processed a lot faster than China Post Air Mail.

Another thing to take note on is that by international agreement most parcel courier services in your country should offer tracking/delivery confirmation on incoming international postal items once the delivery with China Post Air Mail have entered your country and being handled by your courier service. However the tracking number is usually changed once it gets handed over and processed by independent tracking systems and when that happens the China Post Air Mail tracking number given will not show any further information on the whereabouts of your delivery.

This problem is not as common with EMS due to it's worldwide network since it is providing courier services directly to your door.

To help you with tracking your delivery from china you can try the different servers avaliable for tracking china post air mail and EMS.

Popular sites such as Aliexpress and Ebay allow the seller to give the buyer tracking numbers when packeges have been sent. Tracking information can sometimes also be given without notification to the buyer, meaning you need to login to either Ebay or Aliexpress and check the order status to get the tracking numbers for your order.

The following tracking services are currently avaliable for use to track packeges sent.
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  1. This is my tracking number but tracking information is not available after 10 days of the given tracking number plz help me why RB261385015CN

  2. Hello shadu, there have been some issues with the searches today on the site, sorry if this have caused problems for you and others trying to track your shippments. However I now see that your parcel No.RB261385015CN have not been received by Chinas air mail tracking as of yet.

    The online tracking on top of the page display "Success find: 0 items! " February 12, 2014 at 3:40

    This could also mean that the parcel is indeed on it's way but not yet entered into the computer systems. I would try and be patient and wait a few days more, it could show up soon.